Applying the sensory acuity in the internal communication process of an organization

Cornel Marian Iosif, Socaciu Tiberiu


Sensory acuity is based on different indicators that can be identified: level, depth or quality of the signal. Thus, non verbal signals issued by the respective persons are better decoded. Sensory acuity is directly dependant on the quality of the senses of the respective person. It allows both the identification of the non-verbal communication elements, but also of the language structures based on language, values and convictions. Convictions generated by causality work based on certain standards, values, convictions. Once convictions are activated, personal experiences are confirmed or refuted. Convictions are based on experiences, feelings, but they can be in conflict. Convictions, their change, are based on elements such as: abilities, values, behaviour, and context. Internal communication in the organization has the role to determine employees to become proactive, dedicated in activities, creative and innovative. On the other side, sensory acuity brings certain improvements in the internal communication process because it improves the internal communication process by eliminating communication barriers, it helps understand the element of non-verbal language and this way it achieves an optimization of this process in the organization.

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