Decision Support Systems and Virtual Companies

Paul Pascu


The exponential growth of complexity and dynamics of changes in the environment in all areas of society, economy and technology led towards the end of the last century to the development of a large number of organizational structures and concepts of coordination.

For this reason, there did not lack proposals and concepts in recent years to respond to these changes by organizational adaptations. Topics such as Business Process Reengineering, Lean Production (supple, flexible production), learning organization (organization based on knowledge), Total Quality Management and organizational culture are only a few that have appeared lately. And the form of organization known as virtual firm is such an approach.

To this end, this paper will focus on the one hand, on virtual firms, on the other hand, research on decision-making systems. The aim of this paper is not to defend the concept of virtual firm as a panacea, but rather to present the fundamental concept of virtual company and to expose its main attributes and characteristics.

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