Dynamics of Entrepreneurship : A Study on the Perception of Gen Y

Ph. D. Sameer Lama, Hrikesh Bhandari


Accentuating the volatile job market across the nation and the globe, this paper highlights the varied intriguing aspects of entrepreneurship among the graduates of various       B-Schools. The study undertaken aims to look at the enterprising spirit in the final year students of “B-schools” in Delhi and Bangalore. Since the tendency to get placements immediately after the completion of their studies is at a rise, new venture creation has not ideally come from these graduates who learn several aspect of business. The myth that entrepreneurs are born and not made and the probable shortcomings among the future entrepreneurs has been analysed in the study.  The study reveals that entrepreneurship for gen-y is a better option than job/placements and underscore that innovation lead business is the only way to sustain and be successful in the current volatile job market.

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